Everything is better with a little sparkle and shine.

I’m Lies, collector of pretty things! New or old, it doesn’t matter, I am looking for a story. I love hanging around at Flea Markets and thrift stores. I grew up without a TV which gave me a lot of time to make things. Everything my parents said I couldn’t have, I tried to make myself. I’m  a collector of curiousities.
Before I die, I’d love to have seen every capital in the world. Travel is my favorite form of recreation, I always return with a suitcase and head full of inspiration. I love food and cooking, experimenting with ingrediënts is the ultimate freedom. My boyfriend owns two record labels and music is always on my mind. At concerts, I just let go of everything. And whenever there’s music around, I start dancing!
1.    When did you know you wanted to design jewelry?

As a child, I always thought i’d be a fashion designer. But after reading an interview in De Standaard Magazine with Wouters & Hendrix, I realized I could also study jewelry design. I was fascinated by the thought of transforming something hard like a kind of metal into a piece of jewelry. Fire plays a big role in this process and keeps fascinating me.
2.     What’s the source of your inspiration?

Inspiration can strike anytime. Flea markets, books, stones, foods, shells, travel, music,…My head is full of unfinished projects and jewels. A ton of creations, from one jewel to the next…

3.     Tell us about your design process, aesthetic and materials.

Before I make something, I have this vague idea in my head about what it will be and I sketch it very quickly on paper. This drawing can start from a shape I have in my head, but just as well a stone or pearl. The technique I use makes the forms very organic: they are mostly created by using wax and old jewellery or other pretty, delicate structures I like to integrate in the design. Every step in the design process is organic and happens in a flow. It’s more about feeling than it is about ratio.

In the Press:
Lies Wambacq's jewels aren't small or minimalistic, no her jewels are organic and historical inspired creations full of character (or power).

She doesn't follow fashion trends, she has her own typical style. Portraits and paintings from the baroque or Renaissance era, are her main inspirations. But no mistake, her jewels are timeless. They are historically contemporary. Lies likes to work with silver, gold, pearls and precious stones in a way they have being used for ages. To create sustainable is one of her key goals. Traditional techniques like the 'Lost wax technique' are her favorite way of creating. Every piece is crafted with love and passion in her studio in Belgium.

When Lies isn't busy in her studio, she is probably on a trip. Asia, Europe, Amerika,... nothing is so inspiring as travelling.

Lies her jewels are organic and adventurous, just as her life.